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T 1/2 Terminal Area Chart April 25th 2019 by Nav Canada

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Terminal Area Charts (TAC) depict aeronautical radio navigation information in congested areas at a larger scale. Vertical coverage is from the surface up to, but not including, 18,000' asl.

The charts are printed back to back on one sheet and are revised every 56 days.

Terminal areas covered include:

Gander Windsor Edmonton Halifax
Thunder Bay Vancouver Moncton Winnipeg
Bermuda Quebec Regina Iceland
Montreal Saskatoon Keflavik Ottawa
Calgary Azores Toronto  

Publication Dates

2018 2019​ ​2020 2021​ 2022​ 2023​
​01-Feb-18 ​03-Jan-19 ​30-Jan-20 25-Feb-21​ 27-Jan-22 ​23-Feb-23
​29-Mar-18​ 28-Feb-19​ ​26-Mar-20 ​22-Apr-21 24-Mar-22​ ​20-Apr-23
​24-May-18 25-Apr-19​ 21-May-20​ ​​17-Jun-21 19-May-22​​
​19-Jul-18​ ​20-Jun-19​ ​16-Jul-20​ ​​12-Aug-21 14-Jul-22​
​13-Sep-18​ ​15-Aug-19 10-Sep-20​ 07-Oct-21 ​​08-Sep-22
​08-Nov-18​ ​​10-Oct-19 ​05-Nov-20 02-Dec-21 ​​03-Nov-22
  ​05-Dec-19 ​31-Dec-20 ​​29-Dec-22  
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