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Pre-flight Tools
    •  Gats 12oz. Fuel Tester
    • Gats 12oz. Fuel Tester

      This fuel tester allows you to put preflight fuel samples back into your airplane (a great alternative to tossing sampled fuel onto the ground: a practice now discouraged by the EPA)...........

    •  Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Medium 3.5 Gpm
    • Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Medium 3.5 Gpm

      Mr. Funnel Fuel Filters (#F3C) remove water, dirt, and debris from fuel. As fuel sits, it collects condensation, water and debris...………...

    •  Oil Spout Flexi-Spout
    • Oil Spout Flexi-Spout

      This compact, ultra-light spout has an amazing 1" accordioned center section which expands to over 5" if needed, flexes to and stays at almost any angle, then completely folds back if desired. Its tapered tip fits most any opening, and is dual threaded to

    •  Spill Saver Oil Spout
    • Spill Saver Oil Spout

      Simply twist on and twist off. Contains an adjustable built-in valve . Designed for motor oil application.
      Safe and easy to use. Innovative and sturdy design.

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