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Clear Prop Tu-143 Reys 1:72

  • Awesome subject ! This is a Russian Unmanned aerial vehicle that is extensively being used today. Simple all plastic kit with a bit of photo etch & a brass pitot tube. Decals for Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian & Czech aircraft. Super!
Article number: CP72004
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The Tupolev designed type is an unmanned aerial vehicle powered by a jet engine, the Klimov TR3-117. Launched by RATO (Rocket Assisted Take Off) from a truck, the Tu-143 is a short-range reconnaissance UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) with low-level capabilities. 

Early versions of the Reys took photos of the target then landed by parachute delivering the camera pod and it’s film cargo. In later versions a datalink was added permitting the transmittal of images  in real time. The type was used extensively in the 1982 Lebanon War and over Afghanistan.  Over 900 TU-143s were built and they are still in service today.  In 2014, a crash landed (or shot down) Ukrainian Air Force TU-143 was discovered by pro-Russian separatists and there is a short video of the UAV on YouTube which illustrates many details of the type. 

I thank Hyperscale for the above information & direct you to them for further details. You should make it a daily ritual to check out this excellent site & keep your finger on the pulse of our dynamic hobby !


A rather squinky box top painting hides a real neat package! I think the artist was being tortured by the KGB as he was painting it ! I can feel his pain !!! Don't be fooled though- this kit is cool !



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  • Code CP72004
  • SKU CPROP-CP72004
  • Weight 400
  • Size X 15
  • Size Y 6
  • Size Z 22
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