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Mountain Flying Bible

  • Mountain flying demands its own rules and an entirely different set of flying skills than flatland flying. The new Mountain Flying Bible Revised contains 100-percent new information. It is jam-packed with updated advice, lore, science, and wisdom. This ed
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WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) The book is laid out in the sequence of a typical flight, thus making information easy to locate when you need it. It covers preflight, takeoff, en route, arrival, and landing.
WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) Additional information includes aircraft and pilot considerations, preplanning, weather, weight and balance, the magnetic compass, airspeed indicator, altimeter, state aeronautics listings.
WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) Rules of thumb pertaining to each section are summarized at the end of each chapter.
WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) The appendix contains aeronautical information, formulas and a lesson plan for mountain flying lessons.
WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) Each section contains icons that serve as flags to draw your attention to meaningful, nice-to-know, need-to-know, advisory, precautionary and warning information.
WB01704_.gif (383 bytes) The photographs have simplified the understanding of various procedures making it easy to visualize explanations.
The "Advanced" icon has been placed to serve as a warning that the procedure or maneuver should not be attempted by inexperienced pilots without first seeking instruction.
The "Note" icon denotes information that you should know before flying in the mountains and you should, at the least, spend a moment reading the content.
The "Remember" icon marks information that you will use over and over. It should be remembered to enhance the safety of flight.
The "Rule of Thumb" icon points out procedures that save time and trouble. They are roughly correct, but not meant to be scientifically accurate, while promoting safety.
The "Warning" icon represents a situation, event, or area that can get you into trouble (serious trouble) or cost you money (airplane damage), if you do not adhere to the recommendations.


Stay out of Trouble – Learn the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of mountain flying. The book is arranged in the sequence of an actual flight for ease of use in find the information you want and need. It covers Preflight, Take off, En route, Arrival, and Landing.

Airplane Performance – Learn to anticipate how your airplane will perform in the mountains. Move into advanced operations with ease and safety. Discover simple rules-of-thumb to enhance safety and simplify operations.

Weather – Learn the weather information required for peace of mind and increase flying pleasure.

Color Photos – 16 pages of color photos of backcountry airstrips covering the approach, landing and takeoff procedures.

Simplify your Flying – Comprehensive book with helpful Icons, Rules of Thumb, Formulas, and Secrets. Indispensable for the novice or experienced pilot.

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