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Alpha Flight Control Yoke and Switch Panel by Honeycomb

Article number: HA3017
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The Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls is the most advanced flight simulation system available to simmers, flight students and pilots for setup at home and featuring a complete backlit switch panel and ignition switch. It was designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers to ensure the most realistic flight experience.

The yoke features aerospace grade internal components and realistic ergonomics for a true flying experience.

The left handle features two buttons, two 2-way hat switches and a push to talk button. The right handle features two 2-way and an 8-way switch as well as button.

The base includes a switch panel with master, alternator and avionics and light switches as well as red LED backlighting for night operations.

The yoke has a realistic full 180° yoke turn radius with a dampened self-centering mechanism.

The steel shaft has 6 inches of travel and is made with an all metal mechanical movement for durability.

Drivers and configuration software included for both Mac & Pc compatibility with individual profile settings for different aircraft.

The Alpha Flight Controls include a mounting bracket compatible with Saitek and Honeycomb products.

All Honeycomb products have been designed and developed in California by pilots and aerospace engineers.

All Honeycomb products features a 5 year warranty and free lifetime tech support.


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  • Code HA3017
  • EAN 4039621003011
  • SKU 5800309
  • Weight 5500
  • Colli 1
Review by Ryan L, Posted on 13-10-2021, 5 Stars.
Purchased this yoke online along with the throttle quadrant and was very impressed with how quickly it shipped. The yoke feels like it is made of excellent quality and set up is a breeze. I use it for MSFS and with the drivers downloaded, it is ready to go right out of the box. I went from using the Saitek X52 hotas controls and this changes the experience beyond expectation. I would highly recommend.
Review by Jean Nguyen, Posted on 01-01-2021, 5 Stars.
Being enjoying flight sim from the early days starting with Jet from Sublogic on my 8088. However, never bought a yoke before I’ve always played with a keyboard. So my review is based only from a keyboard to a first time yoke experience. Fast forward it to yesterday 31-dec-2020, I have tested it with latest Win10 on VR (Oculus Rift S) with Flight Simulator 2020, X-Plane 11, Prepar3D V5 and DCS World. All worked without any issues yet. Drivers for certain flightsim are provided on their website for Mac and PC such as XPlane11,Prepar3d V5/V4/V3. Otherwise, the yoke works right out-of-the-box without extra programs or drivers. Very satisfied with the product it brings realism to another a level. Never been so easy to land a plane. Would have wished a force-feedback yoke but that would increase the price. Highly recommended for those who seek quality also. Simple and fast online processing. Bought it on 28 Dec 2020 and received it on 31 Dec 2020 with CanadaPost Priority. Hope this help!
Review by Robert Kirk, Posted on 26-12-2020, 5 Stars.
Excellent packing. Quick and easy setup. Nice design. Great quality. Built to last. Easy to customize default settings. Would prefer yoke without the red lights at a lower price. Would prefer more comfortable tighteners on the desk clamps but they work well.
Review by Arkadiusz Sazon, Posted on 28-08-2020, 5 Stars.
I managed to snag this after thinking I would be happy with the Logitech Yoke/Throttle that I purchased elsewhere. Boy was I wrong. This thing is a complete gamechanger and I'm not sure it's worth going with anything less if you plan on doing realistic simming. Quality, features, warranty, everything is second to none. Can't wait to get the Honey Bravo Throttle quadrant when it is available.
Review by John Shaver, Posted on 13-01-2020, 5 Stars.
A game changer for the price point. Don't even bother with the others under $500. Great tactile finishes and ergonomics as well as a sturdy and precise build quality. A little soft on the roll axis and slightly short pitch range but incredible resolution especially in X-Plane 11. This yoke makes everything easier to fly than the flimsy plastic yokes from the competitors. It's a must have. JS

5 stars based on 5 reviews
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