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Canada's Air Forces on Exchange Hardcover by CANAV BOOKS

  • This 320-page hardcover is one of Canada’s best aviation reads in decades. “Unique” barely begins to describe it. There are hundreds of photos, a bibliography, glossary and index.
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The first book about Canadian airmen on peacetime duty with foreign air arms around the world. Solidly researched and presented in a readable style. From Billy Barker, VC, in Iraq in 1925 to RCAF crew on such interwar types as the Heyford, Singapore and Gauntlet to a vast array of post-WW2 exchanges on everything from the Meteor, Lightning, Canberra, Shackleton, Nimrod, Hastings and Comet in the RAF to the WB-50, EB-57, F-4, F-100, F-101, F-105, F-106, P-3, C-97 and today's C-17 in the US to the Neptune and Mirage in Australia and the RF-4 and Tornado in Germany. Miscellaneous secondments and other exotic taskings also covered. You'll be astounded at the incredible adventures recounted!

Canada's Air Forces on Exchange
Author: Larry Milberry
ISBN 9780921022183

Published 2007, 320 pages, black & white and colour photographs, hardcover, 9" x 9 3/4".


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  • Code 157730
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