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Canadair CL-415 SECURITE CIVILE 1:72

  • Legendary all plastic kit first issued in 1980 as the CL-215. Apparently Heller irrevocably changed the mold to CL-415 configuration in 1998 and that is how it has appeared ever since. A very nice kit but very hard to get [new].
Article number: HE80370
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A really nice kit & it is a shame that it suffers from such poor distribution ! Indeed, Heller is a shadow of it's former self and very few of my suppliers seem to stock the line. Even SPRUE BROTHERS [who is not my supplier]  has almost no stock of Heller products ! I am able to periodically snag a few of these things from Europe, but my success rate is dismal. I am letting you know that this model is still listed as available, & if you want it, you should call me & put your name down on my list. I cannot guarantee a quick delivery, but will let you know when the silly thing finally shows up!

I can get these out of the USA from a very well established supplier, but his price is closer to $80.00 CAD ! He lists them as in stock right now.....but is he correct??? I've been this route before...

The model has been around for over twenty years as the CL-415 & used copies can not be rare. Heller used to be a major force in the industry & did not begin to wane until about a dozen+ years ago [although historians will put the date far earlier !]. If our local GTA hobby stores don't have a second-hand copy lying around on their shelves, then there is always ebay..but then you run the risk of getting a kit that is incomplete & with rotted, yellowed decals! Sellers are so quick to list their models for BIG MONEY but never seem to have the time to check them for completeness ! I have been burned too may times & am now refusing to buy kits from ebay unless the seller can guarantee 100% completeness ! Caveat emptor ! 

Take note that ITALERI issued this kit ONCE as IT1362 back in 2014. Not a rare kit & should not be overlooked.


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