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B737-800 Qantas 1:72 New 2020 [ Model kit, NOT diecast !!] by Big Planes Kits (BPK)

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  • Finally available after many years of development ! But this is NOT a kit for the beginner !!! A very serious tour-de-force for the dedicated modelist, experienced with short run plastic, resin, etch & paint masks [stencils] !!!
Article number: BPK7218
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BPK announced his intent to make this B737-800 kit not long after the release of his successful B737-200 family of kits, and we have been waiting on the edge of our seats ever since !!! Years upon years hath we waited...& finally, the glorious day has arrived when this kit hath become available, but it sure maketh a dent in your wallet ! A true aficionado will shrug off the financial pain as he/she* knows that this is a limited run, multi media masterpiece that will only be available in a small production batch & then be forever gone, showing up once in a while on ebay or amazon for about $400.00-$500.00 [ believed complete- I'm too busy to check-no returns ] from unscrupulous sellers ! Get it now or forever hold your peace. There will probably be a few more boxings in different airline liveries, but these too will vanish.

This is a short run plastic, resin & etch kit with decals & masks/stencils for the maniac builder. Beginners keep away ! Buy it as an investment if you wish. Do not tackle it if you do not know what you are doing!

BPK has also announced his intent to produce a dash 8-Q400 & B777-300 in 1:72 scale !!! Good Lord, Man- can YOU handle it ???

Due to the crappy wholesale price that I am getting for this item, I cannot stock it in depth. If you wannit, you gotta let me know-  [email protected] - I may need a deposit. Always check availability with me before you order- this is a limited run item & I cannot always guarantee a timely delivery.


* I would LOVE to meet a gal who can build this thing [ competently ! ]. Woop !





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