B737-300 Delta N232DZ 1996 colours 1:200 PREMIUM**Used

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2001 issue-discontinued, used. One of the fabled Herpa Premium models which predated the 1:200 diecast models being issued today. Complete as issued and NOT YELLOW!- however, there are several areas of paint rubbing & scuffs.

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B737-300 Delta N232DZ 1996 colours 1:200 PREMIUM**Used

This is one of the fabled HERPA Premium models which ruled the roost before competitors began to issue full metal diecast models in the same scale. Herpa Premium models were PLASTIC but of supreme quality & detail and even had some heft [ they were not just hollow shells ], as they weighted the model down to prevent tail sitting & strove to offer some internal detail with some releases. These models boasted clear glass windows & cockpits, something a full metal diecast model has not yet been able to achieve!

A major problem with many Herpa Premium models is the fact that they were not made of archival plastic & many of them have begun to go yellow or even brown as they age. This was not foreseen by Herpa & by the time they could begin to address the quality of plastic that they were using, diecast metal models had taken over the market & the Premium line was finished. Metal does not go yellow, dont'cha know- and in spite of the fact that many 1:200 scale diecast models are very expensive, they are still far cheaper than any of the Herpa Premium models that hit the market back in the day !

Our model has NOT gone yellow, the colours remain sharp & clear, but shows evidence of much handling. It is physically perfect, with no abuse or repairs, but some of the paint detail has been rubbed off by busy fingers. The most obvious area are the windows, which are rimmed with a white or pale grey edge, most of which has been rubbed off. Take look at the windows right above the wing [ look at the photos ]- they are still edged nicely, but most of the windows on either side have had their rims rubbed off. This is true on both sides of the fuselage. Part of one door frame has also been rubbed off [ look at the photo ] & there is some minor scuffing on the fuselage itself. There is also minor, minor scuffing on the silver belly of the fuselage. The silver edge of the tail fillet also has some paint rubbed off [ look at the photo ] and it is for these reasons that we have priced the model well below it's expected fair-market value.

We sold this model to it's former owner for $369.95 CAD circa 2002 & the original price sticker is still attached. This price is no longer actual due to the paint rubbing that this model has experienced. I expect a Mint copy of this piece would fetch at least $400.00-$500.00 CAD and there are a few available online right now [ not just on ebay ] for prices ranging from $600.00 AUD to $780.00 USD !!! There are collectors out there who will pay these prices & we have seen it happen!

 This is your chance to obtain a physically healthy & rare model in a presentable condition for a reasonable price. The benefit is that the model is NOT YELLOW, is structurally sound & has a sound box, complete with it's paperwork. I do not believe that this model was issued with a pilot figure- the packaging that Herpa used was designed for several different aircraft types & has a slot for the pilot, when a pilot was issued with the model. Only 1000 of these models were issued back in 2001, right around the time that INFLIGHT began to issue it's range of new 1:200 scale diecast models [ B707's & DC8's- remember ??? ].



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B737-300 Delta N232DZ 1996 colours 1:200 PREMIUM**Used

B737-300 Delta N232DZ 1996 colours 1:200 PREMIUM**Used

C$ 224.95 (C$ 224.95 Incl. tax)