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Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations - Acceptable Methods, Techniques & Practices by ASA - Aviation Supplies & Academics

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The "bible" for AMTs, aircraft owners, and homebuilders, this FAA Advisory Circular outlines the standards for acceptable methods, techniques, and practices for the inspection, repair and alteration of non-pressurized areas of civil aircraft with a gross weight of 12,500 lbs or less. Includes both Part 1B and Part 2B.

This edition contains:

    • AC 43.13-1B Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices: Aircraft Inspection and Repair, with Change 1 (effective September 2001)
    • AC 43.13-2B Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices: Aircraft Alterations (effective March 2008). Note that AC 43.13-2B can now be used as approved data.

 Part Number ASAAC43.131B2B
ISBN 9781619540217

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