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Beechcraft 1900C USAIR 1:72 by AMODEL

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  • Short run model kit intended for skilled modelers. All plastic with one small sheet of etch for detail. One of a family of Beechcraft 1900 kits by Amodel- this issue has decals for USAIR only.
Article number: AMU72308
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Short run kits have come a long way over the last couple of decades & this one is beautifully molded with many fine details. However, typical of short run kits, there is flash to clean up & no locating pins at all, meaning that test fitting of parts & maybe some strengthening of joints may be required by the modeler. This is one of at least five different Beechcraft 1900 kits issued by Amodel & this edition comes with USAIR decals only. It may be a while before the mainstream begins to issue models of the Beechcraft 1900, so quit yer whining, roll up your sleeves & get to it, soldier !

I love it when diecast collectors come into the store asking for Beechcraft 1900 models. There are none & the chances of one being made in that form are minimal [ though not completely out of the question ]. I point to this kit & I watch those poor souls quiver in their boots- most of 'em can't build a LEGO model let alone a short run plastic model kit ! Have fun being a plastic modeler, as the panorama of available subjects in kit form is astounding ! If you ONLY collect prefinished diecast models, you are forever doomed to buying only what the Chinese diecast model factories choose to make for you. Want multiple copies of Jumbo Jets? No problem- the Chinese diecast factories will accomodate you in any color you want: Want a Metroliner ??? Nope, sorry, no can do...model kits only [ F-rsin & RVHP]  ! HAR-It is to laugh !


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  • Code AMU72308
  • SKU AMU72308
  • Weight 800
  • Size X 20
  • Size Y 10
  • Size Z 34
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