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Stealth ANR Headset Black by Faro

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High performance without the high price

A good headset is essential for safe and comfortable flying, but too often pilots are faced with a tough choice: pay over $1000 for a great headset, or buy a cheap one that is uncomfortable and lacking important features. Faro has solved this problem with their new Stealth Headsets. These sleek and stylish headsets have the high-end features you want, like music input and optional active noise reduction, but at prices you can afford. Perfect for student pilots, passengers or anyone who appreciates a great value – not just a great price.

Impressive active noise reduction
ANR headsets, which use microphones and speakers to electronically reduce noise, offer a new level of quiet in the cockpit. They have changed the way pilots use headsets, but they have typically been unaffordable for many pilots. The Stealth ANR Headset includes both passive and active noise reduction providing up to 52 dB of noise reduction, but still costs under $400.

Music input
Long cross-country flights can get boring, but listening to music can help keep your attention – and maybe your sanity. The Stealth Headset’s aux input jack is conveniently located on the juncture box where the headphone and microphone plugs come together, and an auxiliary input cable is included. Just plug in and enjoy.

Double thick ear seals
A headset is only as good as the ear seals, so Faro spent months designing the perfect material. The result is a set of ultra-soft, protein leather ear seals that are over twice as thick as other brands. This provides ultimate comfort with maximum passive noise reduction.

Noise-canceling electret microphone
Fully adjustable microphone boom is reversible and features a noise-canceling electret microphone. This delivers high quality, crystal clear communication so you sound like a pro even if it’s your first solo. The 360 degree rotatable microphone boom is fully adjustable to provide the perfect microphone placement.

Stereo audio with dual volume controls
Independently control volume levels to both the left and right ear, with no confusing controls. Faro Stealth headsets also feature a stereo/mono switch so they are adaptable to most aircraft intercom systems. Even if your intercom is mono, you’ll still hear music in stereo.

Helpful customer support
You will probably never need it, but Faro Stealth headsets include a worry-free 3-year warranty and friendly, US-based customer service.



 Noise Reduction - Up to 52db 

Battery power supply: 3V, two AA batteries (not included)

Operating Temperature: -4 to 158 F / -20 to 70 C

Weight: 16oz / 450g

Headphone Frequency Response: 50 Hz-20 kHz

Headphone Sensitivity: 95±5 dB SPL

Microphone Type: Noise-canceling Electret

Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz to 5 kHz Operating Voltage: 8-40 VDC

Microphone Matching Impedance: 150-1000 ohms Sensitivity: -33±4 dB

Active Noise Reduction 

Main Attenuation Frequency Band: 20Hz~650Hz

Power Consumption: 30 mW

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