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Tempest II Hi-Tech 1:32 Scale Kit

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Plastic model kit of the Hawker Tempest Mk.II, a British fighter aircraft primarily used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the Second World War. Upon entering service in 1944, the Tempest was used as a low-level interceptor, particularly against the V-1 flying bomb threat, and as a ground attack platform, in which it supported major events such as Operation Market Garden. Mk II original designation of the Hawker Tempest.

Kit has engraved panel lines, highly detailed cockpit with forward fuselage interior, transparent accents (canopy, hardpoints and other glazing's), die-cut wheel and canopy mask, separate (propeller blades and control surfaces), detailed (wheel bays, radial engine and assemblies), optional undercarriage, detailed gun bay (20mm Hispano cannons with rounds of ammunition), bombs, rockets and drop tanks, photoetch (seatbelts, fuselage and other interior, antenna and other exterior), resin (wheels, gunsight, weapons bay and ammunition, cannons, cockpit seat, fuselage, cowling and other accents).

Decals and color markings for (5) aircraft: HF-X/MW774, No.183 Squadron, RAF, Chilbolton, August 1945; 5R-V/PR533, No.33 Squadron, RAF, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya 1949; EG-X/PR733, S/L R.E. Mooney, Co of No.16 Squadron, RAF, BAFO, Fassberg, West Germany; T/A139 (ex PR809), No.214 Squadron, RPAF 1948 and M/HA557, (ex MW704), RIAF, late 1950s - includes stencil data, instrument panel gauges, armament data.

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