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Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF Weather Manual Combo by Transport Canada

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RCAF Weather Manual and RCAF Weather Manual Workbook Combo

RCAF Weather Manual (TP 9352). The RCAF Weather Manual provides detailed text explaining the interpretation of weather reports, forecasts, weather maps and prognostic charts. This publication INCLUDES 2 CD'S is provided as a reference manual for applicants preparing to write the ATP examinations. It will also serve as a valuable source of information for Private and Commercial candidates who wish a more in-depth understanding of aviation weather. 

Each copy contains 2 CD's from Transport Canada containing a series of short 2-minute videos on various weather awareness topics such as "Wind Speed", "Ceilings", "Fog", and so forth. The video vignettes are designed to promote safe flight, and are not intended as flight training videos. 

295 pages approx.

Also Includes

Air Command Weather Manual Workbook (2004 Edition) 
This workbook provides a programmed learning package -must be used in conjunction with the Air Command Weather Manual.

200 pages approx.

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