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Mig29S Soviet Falcons, Lipetsk 2008 1:72 Scale Kit

  • Decals for the ' Soviet Falcons " Aerobatic Team, but auxiliary fuel tanks & guided missiles are included in case they want to attack something during their show !!! Just kidding, but you will have to find other decal sets on the aftermarket to build a pr
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Mikoyan MiG-29S Fulcrum A faithfully reproduced model of the MiG-29S, one of the most powerful combat aircraft of the Soviet Air Force.

- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed under-carriage
- Pilot figure
- Detailed engine exhaust jets
- A choice of auxiliary fuel tanks and guided missiles
- A decal set for a version of the display team the Soviet Falcons - Lipetsk, April 2008

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