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BEAUFIGHTER MK1F 1:32 Scale Kit by Revell Germany

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Unconfirmed WWII legend states that Japanese soldiers referred to the Bristol Beaufighter as "Whispering Death". Beaufighters were much quieter than most aircraft of the time and the Mk.IF night fighter variant incorporated a ranging radar set that could pick out targets on the blackest nights. Once targets were found, stealth went out the window. Four 20mm cannons and six .303 machine guns ensured that enemy targets were shredded in volcanic gouts of fire.

This kit features structured surfaces, detailed twin radial engines, moveable propeller, detailed cockpit with pilot figure, navigation compartment with figure, tail-wheel selectively down or retracted, separate navigation lights, under-carriage selectively down or retracted, radar antennae, and removable engine cowling's. Includes a decal set for 2 RAF versions.

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