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Prop Marker 2 Blade Lg Nose Co by Plane Sights

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Spend less time worrying about jeopardizing the safety of you and your passengers. Featuring light reactive trims and tapes, these highly reflective Prop Markers are made to improve the visibility of your prop and aircraft day or night, helping you prevent the unexpected depreciation of your plane. Prop Markers are easily installed and removed in just seconds, adding virtually no additional time to your walk around. Show line service personnel just how much you care and feel confident about leaving the aircraft. Made from UV resistant Sunbrella, custom bonded with a soft, non-abrasive inner fabric. The compact design and shock cord allow for quick and easy storage without tangling. Sharp, thin profile Propeller tips can be a hazard for people on the ground. A Plane Sights Prop Marker makes the tips and your entire aircraft more visible to people working and playing around your aircraft. This prop marker fits aircraft such as an older Cherokee Mooney or other two blade aircraft with large size rounded tip nose cone. See our nose cone comparison picture for your reference. Alternatively, please contact us for sizing advice specific to your aircraft.

Part#: PM2BL0607

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