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Canada Flight Supplement - August 12th 2021 by Nav Canada

Article number: AIP CFS-E FL
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Canada Flight Supplement

The Canada Flight Supplement contains the following sections:

  • General: Tables, legends and associated information pertinent to interpretation of the supplement.

  • Aerodrome Directory: Data and sketches for Canadian aerodromes and heliports and selected aerodromes in the North Atlantic.

  • Planning: Information for flight planning, characteristics of airspace, chart updating, flight restrictions, IFR routes, airway intersections and chart distributors.

  • Radio Navigation and Communications: Data for radio navigation aids and communication facilities.

  • Military: Flight procedures and data, including sections on procedures for flight in the USA, North Atlantic and Alaska, air/ground communications and military training routes/areas.

  • Emergency: Emergency procedures.

Data for the province of Quebec and the National Capital Region are presented in French in the bilingual edition.

The CFS is published on a 56 day cycle, as per the chart below.

2018 2019​ ​2020 2021​ 2022​ 2023​
​01-Feb-18 ​03-Jan-19 ​30-Jan-20 25-Feb-21​ 27-Jan-22 ​23-Feb-23
​29-Mar-18​ 28-Feb-19​ ​26-Mar-20 ​22-Apr-21 24-Mar-22​ ​20-Apr-23
​24-May-18 25-Apr-19​ 21-May-20​ ​​17-Jun-21 19-May-22​​
​19-Jul-18​ ​20-Jun-19​ ​16-Jul-20​ ​​12-Aug-21 14-Jul-22​
​13-Sep-18​ ​15-Aug-19 10-Sep-20​ 07-Oct-21 ​​08-Sep-22
​08-Nov-18​ ​​10-Oct-19 ​05-Nov-20 02-Dec-21 ​​03-Nov-22
  ​05-Dec-19 ​31-Dec-20 ​​29-Dec-22  

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  • Code AIP CFS-E FL
  • Weight 400
  • Size X 14
  • Size Y 22
  • Size Z 7
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