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Luftwaffe Eagle: 206 Victories in the Me109 & Me262: Schuck hardcover by Hikoki Publications

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This is the autobiography of Luftwaffe pilot Walter Schuck, who flew the Me109 in the Arctic Sea fighter squadrons, becoming the Russian air force's feared enemy in the far north. Awarded the Knights Cross in April 1944, he claimed his 100th kill in June of that year, then barely 48 hours later shot down 12 aircraft in one day - a record never achieved by any other Arctic Sea pilot. He took command of the third Staffel of JG 7, and his success in the aerial theatre was unsurpassed when he brought down four B-17 bombers while on a transit flight. Shortly afterwards, meeting one of the bombers' escort fighters in combat, his fuel system exploded and he had to bail out. Walter Schuck's war was over, after more than 500 front-line sorties and 206 confirmed kills. In a gripping narrative, the author helps us to understand why he and his colleagues were prepared to lay down their lives for their people and their country.

Luftwaffe Eagle Hardback edition by Walter Schuck

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