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Su-27 Flanker Early 1:48 by HobbyBoss

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Plastic model kit of the Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker' is a twin-engine supermaneuverable fighter aircraft designed by Sukhoi. Designed for air superiority missions, and subsequent variants are able to perform almost all aerial warfare operations, entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in 1985.

Kit has engraved panel lines, detailed cockpit, optional (canopy, exhaust pipes with afterburner relief detail, undercarriage with rubber tires, speed brakes), separate control surfaces, detailed (wheel wells, air intakes), filigree probes and antennae, clear accents (landing lights and canopy), 30 mm Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-301 autocannon and external stores (R-73E (x4), R-27ET (x4), R-27ER (x4), R-27R (X4), R-27T (x4) and launch rails).

Decals and 4-view color painting reference for two (2) aircraft - includes stencil data, weapons data and markings plus instrument panel and consoles.

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