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P-47M Thunderbolt 44-21160 "Devastatin Deb", Capt. John C Fahringer, 63rd Fighting Squadron, March 1945

General Background
The P-47M was designed to destroy the German buzz-bombs, new jets and rocket powered aircraft. It was equipped with a Pratt and Whitney P&W R-2800-57 (C) engine with a larger super-charger and water injection that allowed the P-47M a war-emergency power of 2,800 hp @ 32,500 feet. Air brakes were added to help the aircraft slow during a dive. No under-wing racks were attached because the P-47M was strictly meant to be a fighter. Because of delays the P-47M didn't reach the ETO until December 1944.
The Aircraft
During his time with the 63rd Fighter Squadron Capt. John C Fahringer flew two P-47s. Both aircraft wore UN-F and were named "Devastin' Deb" The first aircraft was a P-47D while the second was a P-47M 44-21160. On March 25 1945 44-21160 was flown by Major George Bostwick, newly assigned to the 63rd FS, when he shot down an Me-262 and damaged another. On April 5, 1945 Captain Fahringer, Operations Officer for the 63rd, scored his fourth and final aircraft when he downed an Me-262 while flying "Devastatin' Deb".
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