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Foggles White/Clear

Article number: 105346
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Foggles manufactures glasses that are used as a tool during the initial pilot training process, recurrent training, or instrument check-rides. The glasses are designed to limit the pilot's field of vision. This assists the learning process by encouraging the pilot to fly with only the use of the flight instruments. In instances when flying at night or in inclement weather, the pilot needs to be able to complete the approach with no visual aids external to the craft. Foggles produces pilot training glasses that meet all Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) certification requirements.

The polycarbonate lenses are frosted to partially block the wearers field of vision. The open area is just large enough to allow the pilot in training to have a full view of the instrument panel. Foggles are light, comfortable, and easy to wear because they are designed like regular glasses.



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