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Flight Gear Ipad Mini Gear Mod by Sporty's

Article number: 5652A
Availability: In stock
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Customize your Flight Gear Bag with Sporty’s Gear Mods. These modular storage compartments allow you match your bag to your mission.

Each bag in Sporty’s Flight Gear HP line has a internal gear wall with a soft felt material. This is the perfect mounting point for hook and loop Gear Mods. Have a backup iPad? Grab a Gear Mod and stick it to the back wall.

Carrying an extra iPad or need an easy removable solution for your flight bag? This Gear Mod is perfect for protecting your iPad. The interior of the Mod is soft, anti-scratch material so your iPad is safe. Thicker padding on this gear also helps keep a nice barrier between your other gear and your iPad, especially if you have the tendency to overstuff your flight bag. 

This Gear Mod fits the iPad mini and measures 8.5” x 6”.

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