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B737-200 CANADIAN NORTH 1:72 with GRAVEL KIT by Big Planes Kits (BPK)

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  • 2013 issue-part of a group of five B737 kits issued simultaneously by BPK. State of the art short run plastic kit with resin & etch parts. Markings are a combination of decals AND stencils & require careful application. Not for the beginner!
Article number: BPK7202
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State of the art full multi media kit for the hardcore fanatic. Definitely not for the TAMIGAWA crowd but intended for the BUILDER of model kits who will thoroughly enjoy & get the most out of this production.This is a classic short run kit made by an artist without the budget of a mainstream manufacturer, and having to use several different production techniques to produce his parts, creating a complex kit demanding full attention from the modeler! Extremely well thought out, these kits go together quite well in the hands of an appreciative & experienced enthusiast. Being a multi media kit, make sure you are well equipped with the proper glues for the job; super glue, plastic glue [ both tube & liquid] & maybe epoxy all have their place in the building of this kit. Do some research kids, don't just go diving in without a plan !

The markings are a mixture of stencil & decal & require careful masking and paint application. Do not expect REVELL style decals with this model, BPK does not have Revell's budget to play with !

Yes, this model includes the gravel kit. but then so did all the other kits in this series. All the parts were the same except for the instructions, decals & stencils. Pls refer to my posting of BPK7204 Pan Am for images of the parts.

These kits are absolutely build-able & we have had the pleasure of having two excellent built models on display in the store, one in Pan Am & the other in Canadian North livery. One of these ended up selling & joining a world class collection assembled by one of the pre-eminent airline model collectors of our time.

This kit is still available through normal distribution channels, but availability can turn on a dime. This was a very limited run & I am surprised that it is still on the market! If you wish to buy one at retail pricing, I recommend you to do it soon, or you'll be forced to deal with the vultures on ebay who will pick your bones clean with glee !!!

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  • Code BPK7202
  • SKU BPK7202
  • Weight 1250
  • Size X 24
  • Size Y 10
  • Size Z 46
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