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B2 'Stealth' Advanced Technology Bomber 1:72**Discontinued**Used by Revell

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  • Legendary 1987 first issue that sold THOUSANDS of copies ! B-2 concept kit- nobody knew what the B-2 actually looked like back in 1987, but that did not stop model manufacturers from taking a guess. Well loved copy.
Article number: RM4577
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Working from blurry photographs & hearsay, Revell produced a concept kit of the B-2 bomber that captured the imaginations of modelers all across North America and sold THOUSANDS of copies. A legendary success story, model manufacturers nowadays would chew their own legs off for a chance to sell so many copies of a single kit release ! Although this mold produced three successful production runs back in the late 1980's, it is not ever likely to be re-issued. We all know what the B-2 looks like now & there are far more accurate model kits available for us to build, but this guy has it's place in model kit history and STILL builds up into a fine looking model !

All plastic model suitable for all modelers [ which is why it was so successful ! ]. This copy comes from a well loved collection in a sound, but heavily taped up box. 

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  • Code RM4577
  • SKU RM4577
  • Weight 1000
  • Size X 38
  • Size Y 10
  • Size Z 54
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