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Aviator 23k White Gold AGX Polarized AR 55 Sunglasses by Randolph Engineering

Article number: AF230
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Originally built for the U.S. Military, our flagship Aviator surpasses rigid military-spec standards. Standard issue since 1978, the Aviators are battle tested and suitable for the most rigorous demands and are a superior choice for everyday use.

This ‘relaxing’ green lens selectively highlights the soothing green/yellow wavelengths of the light spectrum to reduce eye fatigue and improve visual performance for polarized green sunglasses in mineral glass.
Technology: SkyTec-P™ Glass, Polarized glare-reduction, Vector™ Anti-Reflective backside coating, Blue Wave™ HEV Blue Light Management, Infrared Light Management, drop-ball tested, 100% UVA and UVB.

PLEASE NOTE: These lenses are polarized, and are not suitable for wear in aircraft with multi-layered windshields. 

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  • Code AF230
  • EAN 044409921092
  • SKU AF230
  • Weight 750
  • Size X 12
  • Size Y 12
  • Size Z 24
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