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Aurora B737 United Short Range Jet 1:72 [1971 issue]

  • Original 1971 issue in excellent condition ! Complete & sound with nice decals & stand, the box shows mild aging & edge wear, but no tape or stains. This item is not shrink wrapped. A fun kit from a time when models could be built in an evening !
Article number: 359-250
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This is the second issue of the Aurora 737 kit, the first being in 1968. Fantastic, moody box art is just typical of the era & gets those creative juices flowing ! The box is physically sound, only showing some mild aging & edge wear with some light creasing. No tape or stains [ or scribbles ! ] are a highlight !

The kit is a simple affair & designed to be built in an evening. If you have been fed a steady diet of modern Revell or Zvesda airliner kits, then this one will knock you over ! It was not designed to be an accurate rendition of the real thing, but a fun project for a kid to do! Issued by the umpteen thousands of copies, it sold for about $1.98-$2.50 & kept thousands of kids happy ! It looks like a 737 & comes with gear and a stand. If you start measuring this model against scale plans of the real thing, you are nuts ! [ It has been done!- read some of the modeling forums !! People need to get lives !!! ]

The decals have survived well & are very nice and glossy. There is some aging to the decal paper, thus care MUST BE EXERCIZED if you plan to use them. There is no warranty for 50 year old decals, so do some research on how to use old decals properly, or better still...copy them onto decal paper using your home PC. If you are a collector of old model kits, the decals will probably satisfy you. If you are a builder, take proper caution !

We don't get too many of these old classics in the store any more, most seem to end up on ebay for silly money [ and not always complete ! ]. We have sold AURORA airliner kits from $35.00 [for banged up copies] to $150.00 [ for sealed 'investment grade' copies*] over the years. This one is well above average due to it's clean box, with no tape or staining and is well worth having.

*Yes, old kits do exist in investment grade. Most old time collectors have a few in their stash. Kits were issued by the umpteen thousand copies 'back in the day' & some have survived untouched to this day. Getting harder to find, but not impossible.


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  • Code 359-250
  • SKU 359-250
  • Weight 1000
  • Size X 24
  • Size Y 8
  • Size Z 50
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