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TU160 Blackjack 1:72 **Discontinued** by AMODEL

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  • One of the first A-Model 'A-Monster' kits ! Limited run, plastic & epoxy glass multi-media model. This is not merely a model kit- it is a PROJECT ! Lots of cleaning required, for experienced fanatics only ! No metal parts surprisingly.
Article number: AMU72007
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Issued in 2003, this was the first injection 1/72 scale Tu-160 Blackjack to hit the market, basking in it's glory until Trumpeter issued their much more user friendly version in 2005. Part of a series of giant models that is still running, beginning with the Sukhoi T-4 'Sotka' in 2002 and continuing with the newly issued Antonov An-225 ! These things were called 'A-Monsters' when they first came out, for good reason. Now MODELSVIT appears to have assumed the brand & the models have improved dramatically although are still daunting to put together!

Typical with this range, the fuselage & wings are molded in 'epoxy-glass', a thick, resin like substance and the major components are bonded together for you at the factory, for strength. This does not mean that the kit is partly built for you!- No Sir!, the fun is just beginning ! There are hordes of low-pressure injection molded parts FOR YOU TO CLEAN & DRY FIT, clean & dry fit, clean & dry fit before you get anywhere near to being complete ! This is a project only a fanatic could love & judging by some of the builds online, there are certainly fanatics out there up to the challenge!

I sincerely recommend you do some online research before even thinking about buying this kit. There are some good reviews & solid builds out there that will let you know what you are getting into. This is a builder's kit, not intended for the weekend warrior ! Even the Trumpeter kit requires concentration, but this takes it up a few notches ! Why would you want to build this kit, instead of the easier Trumpeter offering ? Because you want the challenge ! This is why mountaineers scale Mount Everest, rather than sitting at home on their duffs watching game shows on the TV ! The end result is exhilarating !

Previously sold at $324.95. This comes in a large box MADE OUT OF HEAVY PAPER ! Thus very creased..

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  • Code AMU72007
  • SKU AMU72007
  • Weight 3000
  • Size X 75
  • Size Y 20
  • Size Z 120
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