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A380-800 with lights & sounds 1:144 by Revell Germany

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  • This is a model kit that needs to be built. The lights & sounds features need to be installed. This is NOT a pre-finished model. Kids will need help to build this. Their dads may need help to build this! Aww-it's a Revell kit, how tough can it be ?
Article number: RV00453
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Here is Revell making the most of their now classic A380 mold. We have had several issues of the basic kit in various airline liveries since it was first issued in 2002; It was issued once as a cutaway [ 2008 ] with myriads of tiny seats & here it is now with lights & sounds [2019]. All we need now is an issue that gives you smells, so you can fill your nostrils with the sweet scent of jet-fuel ! A neat kit, but you just KNOW that this will not be a weekend build !

This is one of those kits that may never be re-issued. It could be a 'one-shot' deal. If you want one, now is the time to get it, while it is 'fresh'. Yes, you may be able to buy it on ebay or amazon down the road for $400.00, but the donkeys who sell older kits on those sites rarely check them for completeness & you are assuming some risk making such a purchase. Buy at retail while you can, because collectors simply value their stuff WAY too highly once their items have become discontinued !

Did FROG ever re-issue their VC10 with flashing lights from 1964?- Nope! Just try to find one now ! Better still, try to find one that is complete !!!

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  • Code RV00453
  • SKU RV00453
  • Weight 2000
  • Size X 45
  • Size Y 14
  • Size Z 65
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