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737ng Training Syllabus Black & White

  • Flight The 737NG Simulator Like The Pros Do
    Get Ready For The Sim-Ride Of Your Life!...…………….
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Flight The 737NG Simulator Like The Pros Do
Get Ready For The Sim-Ride Of Your Life!

Almost 400 pages of delicious graphics and fascinating textual information. A complete "FLIGHT TRAINING SYLLABUS" that includes a "get your feet wet" LEVEL ONE tutorial, a "jump into the pool" LEVEL TWO with a cold-dark to parking checklist flight. Everything explained simply and succinctly. Then there is the "wet your pants" CHECKRIDE section where you can demonstrate your proficiency.

The 737NG Training Syllabus is like no other 737NG manual. Profusely illustrated, the book is available in full color, as well as black and white (for the less financially flush simmer). The downloadable version for those tablet lovers among us has the best of both worlds. While describing and illustrating the cockpit details, it is done in an entertaining and often humorous way. While written so that even for the most challenged beginner can understand the material, it also has the necessary depth and detail to keep the interest of the most jaded veteran simmer.

The about 400 pages document is written in three basic parts. The Level One material is written with the Newbie in mind and includes a tutorial flight that takes the initiate from take-off to landing rollout. As Captain Mike says, " Even the most proficient flight sim addict should probably start in the shallow end of the pool and wade around a bit, just to get their feet wet. The Level Two information stream starts with the cold-dark cockpit and goes through an exhaustive tour of the whole flight deck ... how to setup every knob and lever. The tutorial portion starts simply enough, but the tasking stream and information flow increases in intensity and complexity. This is intended to appeal to those simmer who want to jump into the deep end and paddle around a bit. The last section may seem sketchy the first time the text is read, but it lays out the concepts and limitations for an airline style checkride. This is a "wet your pants" maneuver and is designed to challenge even the most seasoned veteran simmer.

Captain Mike has unleashed a lengthy and profoundly informative document that is loosely hung on the framework of the MSFX and the PMDG 737NG. I say that because everything that is specifically tied to the operation of the airplane applied to ANY operating system available ... and will always be so. X-Plane, P3D, FSX, or whatever may come in the future will always be able to use the information in the book that is about the 737NG ... if the flight simulation product completely represents the operation of the actual airplane.

Every 737NG pilot from here on out will want to have Captain Mike Ray's "737NG Training Syllabus" in the library of "must have" documents. The information will be useful and valuable for as long as there are 737NG airplanes operating ... particularly flight simulation models. While the limitations imposed by the length of the document leave the Checkride portion to the imagination of the reader to develop, the information about "how to" fly the airplane is complete enough to allow the conscientious and dedicated simmer to meet or exceed his wildest dreams. They can learn from this book how to fly like the "pros" and make consistently successful trip segments and landings.

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